About Us

Richardson and Squibb is the creation of Nicola and Natasha who, after extensive research and preparation, set up their company with a mission to bring high quality, exclusive fashion collections into the United Kingdom.

Managing the demands of a dynamic company they are ideally placed to understand what their peers aspire to and seek out in the fashion and style arena.

Both have considerable experience of the industry within the retail sector, modelling and marketing some of the most desired international brands.

Their raison d'être is to become leading facilitators of exclusive, niche collections that are often overlooked by other companies and therefore not given the exposure to a market with an appetite for premium fashion lines.

By forming a business partnership with Richardson and Squibb a fashion house will enjoy a working relationship that is driven by two partners who are passionate and enthusiastic about everything they do and who will become a valuable asset to any organisation choosing to work with them.